What is a branding session?

You’ve heard of headshots, but all of sudden now it seems like everywhere you turn people are talking about “branding” portraits — what the heck is that and how is a branding session different from a headshot session?  

The basic answer is that headshots are a very basic representation of you and branding portraits encompass a lot more — showcasing the intersection between you and your brand.  

If you work at a larger company and need a new headshot for zoom, LinkedIn, and conference presentations, a short and sweet headshot session can get you what you need.  One outfit, a couple of different backdrops in a small location (one of my favorite spots for these sessions is a local library that has a great stone building that works well for more formal shots, as well as some garden spaces just a stone’s throw away).  

If you run your own company though, you want to think about what else you want to express — these images won’t just be representing you as an individual, but also your brand — they are an integral part of the marketing plan.  With a longer session, we can take the time to plan out several outfits and even locations that will help you express what you need to visually to augment your marketing plan.  We can showcase more variety and help you build trust in your clients with clear images throughout your marketing materials.  We can also create images you can use throughout your marketing but tailored to different situations — some to showcase what you do on your website, some that demonstrate who you are to use in more personal communications and places like LinkedIn or on your business card.  We can tailor the session to really display what you do and why you’re the best person to hire in the longer time.  

The more consistent your marketing images, the higher degree of trust your clients and customers will have in your business — a personal branding session can be a great way to take care of that need for your business, and if you need periodic updates (for instance, if you plan out material and want to shoot photos quarterly to match your blog or podcast plan or instagram plan) I have special packages that all you to do that without having to pay for a full branding session 

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