Your kids are growing like weeds, life is super hectic with work and all their school and extracurricular commitments, they’re at such a fun age but you can’t ever manage to quite capture it.

Add to all that -- Grandma is bugging you for a new family photo, and an up-to-date picture of the kids.

You try with your phone, but it isn’t quite what you had in mind. And, of course, if you’re taking the photo, you can’t be IN the photo -- so how will your kids remember your presence when they look back on the images of their childhood?

Is this you? (I at least know it’s totally me - and I’m really glad you found me!)

I’m Mira, a mom of three very active boys and a portrait photographer who loves making people like you feel calm, comfortable, and confident during your next photoshoot. I also have infinite patience for other people’s children, so you’re in luck. I keep family sessions fun for everyone and get you images you can proudly share with Grandma, put up on your walls, and send in for the next “bring in a photo of your whole family” school assignment.

"Mira did a fantastic job photographing my teenagers. She even managed to get them to smile at each other! I keep the photos on my phone and am constantly getting comments about what a great job she did."
-- Heather B.
"Our family had a lovely time working with Mira. She had lots of great ideas for different settings for our photos, and was very open to our thoughts as well. She did a wonderful job motivating our young children to participate, and we ended up with a variety of pictures of us all looking our best."
-- Eric B.
"Working with Mira was amazing. She captured my family in the most gorgeous light, she really knows how to transform a space to make it look like a wandering meadow even if it’s in a busy park. I can't recommend her highly enough."
-- Jessica R.
"Mira did family photos for us - my wife and I and 2 semi-crazy kids. It was quick and actually fun, and she somehow got a ton of amazing pictures of all of us, which i would not have thought possible. She has a knack for getting the kids to focus on the camera - she had little games, and worked with their ideas, to keep them engaged - it was like magic."
-- Andrew S.
"Mira is a lovely, relaxed person. She was so calm in the storm of my family’s lost shirts, doing hair, grumpy toddler, napping baby, late from work chaos that ensued right before our session. While I was running around trying to find everything, she just gravitated to where my kids were playing, and started capturing beautiful, natural moments of them. It calmed me down, and allowed me to be more present for the family pictures that she took later on. I love these photos! "
-- Marie M.
"Mira's work with our grandkids has produced many, many beautiful pictures and, more importantly, many fond memories that we'll cherish for years to come. She can capture a baby's or toddler's mood and their smiles which melt our hearts. We highly recommend Mira Whiting Photography"
-- Rick S.

Family Session

  • As a mom myself, I know how fast kids grow. Capture who they are right now with a child-led, playful family session.

Seasonal Family Portraits Program

  • Capture family memories throughout the year — this package includes four full sessions, and families enrolled in this program also get priority scheduling for fall portraits.

Also Available:

Senior Portraits

  • Your child is graduating -- celebrate with a portrait session that highlights them and who they are becoming.

Couples / Engagement

  • Celebrate love!


Yes, you can check out my page that shares all the details here. I'm also up-to-date on my flu shot and all other vaccinations.

So that you can see what to expect from a session with me through the images I create and what we can create together. If I can't share images from every single client I photograph (except for those that pay the small privacy fee for not signing a model release), then people can't see the consistency of the product that I deliver. A model release allows me to use the images in my online portfolio, website, and social media.

I value your privacy and can work with you to keep your images private for an additional fee of 25% of the session or event fee. Without this fee, many might not allow me to share the images I create for them, and it is hard to get hired as a photographer without a collection of images.

I can book family sessions up to 6 months in advance. For Fall family portraits, I recommend booking within 3 months as prime foliage dates get booked early. Families participating in my Seasonal Family Portraits Program get preferential booking for those popular dates.

Once you book your session, we'll chat (via email, phone, or in-person — your choice) about the specifics of your situation. If you decide on reserving a date, we will choose a time, and I will put it on my calendar after I receive your session fee and contract.

Please let me know if you're interested in a complimentary styling service so I can send you a personalized link when you book your session. I recommend wearing the same general color family with one or fewer patterns for parents and kids. Soft neutrals are lovely if those are an option. Black and stark white are good to avoid, if possible. You can send me your outfits by taking a picture and sending them from your phone, and I am happy to give you a consult. The most important thing is comfort and that you feel like you look good in the clothes you choose!

It can be helpful to talk to children ahead of time about what's going to happen and set up a reward for cooperation (it could be something immediate, like a small pile of m&ms for cheerful cooperation, or for an older child, a slightly bigger treat to be given at the end like a cookie or a small toy). Electronics are not recommended to keep kids happy during the session — I find it's often hard to pull their attention away from the screen. For a small child, it can be helpful to let me know ahead of time what sorts of things they like (really into Elmo? Dinosaurs?) and what types of tricks YOU find work well for them — you know your child best! In the middle of the session, it's helpful if the adults can keep the pose I've given so that when that perfect moment happens for the kids, everyone else is ready! It also helps if the adults in the room can remain relaxed.

I will travel within a 30-minute radius of Arlington, MA. If you're farther away, I am happy to travel to you for $2 per mile outside of my regular zone.

After your session, I will carefully go through all the images and bring out the very best. Within two days, I will post a sneak peek on my Facebook page, where you'll be able to share some of the images immediately with your friends and family. I recommend tagging yourself in the image to reach more of your friends' and family's newsfeeds. The full editing process will take about 2 weeks for portrait sessions and 3 weeks for events. If you need rush pricing, please let me know. You will receive an online gallery with full-resolution images you will be able to download to your computer or mobile devices.

Prints from my professional lab are available through your online gallery.

Yes, I am fully insured and a member of Professional Photographers of America.