"I was worried that photos would be too posed - not based on what I've seen of your work, but based on previous experience with a professional shoot. The photos/poses were very comfortable. Interaction with as many folks as we had could have been like herding cats, and it wasn't."
—Morgan H.
"Had a great experience working with Mira on a photo shoot for a book promotion - I generally dislike having my picture taken but Mira made it very easy and it only took about 20 minutes or so, and the results were really worth it."
—Shai D.
"Mira has photographed our family several times. She is phenomenal at catching the personalities of our two kids, and really engaging them with each other as much as with the camera. This lets her catch fabulous photos of them looking at each other, where you can just see the love between them. Our photos with her are always relaxed and a beautiful reflection of our family. We come back every year!"
—Cat B.
"I engaged Mira’s services to update my professional photo. I found her to be skilled and professional. And she made me feel comfortable from start to finish. Highly recommended. Thank you, Mira!"
—Chris D.
"My biggest worry was that I wouldn't like the way I look in photos, which is a common feeling for me, and that I'd wind up feeling like I wasted money on the session. I really feel like the photos Mira took made me look my absolute best, and I'm proud to use them to promote my business services. The magic of Mira behind the camera produced some of my favorite pictures of myself in a long time."
—Kate G.
"Awesome job working with Mira, she took the best photo of me ever and worked with our group to make us shine! She was flexible and encouraging and seemed to know what would look just right."
—Mary Ellen G.
"We booked an extended family session with Mira, and it was a fabulous experience. As the daughter of a professional photographer, I’ve had a lot of chances to with work various portrait photographers and see their work, and Mira’s professional but fun attitude really brings out genuine smiles in her subjects. Her sense of composition and placement is excellent, and she’s not afraid to capture silly kid moments that sometimes make the best family portraits"
—Kat S.
"Mira did a newborn session at our home with our two-week old baby and her big sister (age 3.5 years). I chose Mira because of her amazing portfolio, and I am SO happy with the results. There are so many shots that I love! I was really nervous about doing a session with such a new baby, but Mira knew just what to do, how to wrap and pose baby (and sleep deprived parents) so that everyone remained calm and happy. She was especially good with our older daughter, who was still very much adjusting to having a new baby at home. Mira is incredibly patient, calm, and competent. I will definitely schedule another session with her."
—Sara M.
"I am so very, very happy that Mira Claire Whiting was available to be our wedding photographer! Mira and her team were a dream to work with. They were patient yet exacting, thorough yet accommodating. Mira's experience in family portraits meant that the kids in our wedding party got shots just as terrific as the adults, and Mira knew just the right angles, prompts, and cues to get amazing portraits whether in formal, candid, or spontaneous situations. Highly professional yet with a warm and friendly touch, Mira makes every step of the process from booking to prints not only easy, but also full of care, dedication, and positive spirit. If you need portrait work in New England, please consider Mira — she’s both super talented and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!"
—Allen B.
"Mira was such a professional. I had to do a photo shoot for professional reasons and I was pretty uncomfortable doing it. I shared this with her ahead of time and she was very understanding. She assured me this was common and most people feel this way. We tried lots of options and she allowed for different locations for backgrounds too. She was great. I don't typically like photos of myself, but I had plenty to choose from to use for my professional purposes. You will love working with her!"
—Shawna B.
"Mira is friendly, relaxed, attentive to detail, and very good with families. We are so happy with the result. A huge bonus: having her at the party meant I didn't have to have MY phone in between me and the event to try to "capture" it, I could just enjoy the time with family and friends."
—Emily R-P
"We are new parents and didn't know what to expect in a newborn shoot. We were afraid it might entail our baby fussing the entire time, making things stressful for everyone. However, Mira was great in coming up with positions in which our daughter was comfortable and was happy to take a break when our daughter needed to eat. In the end it was a very pleasant experience!"
—Emma S.
"We hired Mira for our school recital at the Maestro Musicians Academy in Lexington, MA. She was a pleasure to work with and her photos were not just high quality, but also fantastically emotive. She really captured the spirit of our event. Highly recommend."
—David B.
"We put off having photos taken for a long time because it felt overwhelming to get everything organized and figure out what we wanted. Mira made the process simple and easy by providing lots of suggestions about clothing, location and poses but still letting us relax and be ourselves."
—Beth L.
"Working with mira was amazing. she captured my family in the most goregous light, she really knows how to transform a space to make it look like a wandering meadow even it its in a busy park. I can't recommend her highly enough"
—Jessica R.
"I usually worry that I won't look good in the photos. That definitely did not come true!! Everyone looked great!"
—Alison S.
"Mira did a fantastic job photographing my teenagers. She even managed to get them to smile at each other! I keep the photos on my phone and am constantly getting comments about what a great job she did."
—Heather B.
"Mira's work with our grandkids has produced many, many beautiful pictures and, more importantly, many fond memories that we'll cherish for years to come. She can capture a baby's or toddler's mood and their smiles which melt our hearts. We highly recommend Mira Whiting Photography for all family photo needs. Thank you, Mira!"
—Rick S.
"Mira came to my children's chorus and snapped candid shots of the singers. They were stunning. One of the photos was used as a cover for a national music education magazine. I would highly recommend her. She was the epitome of professional and captured the true expression of love the kids had for singing."
—Wendy S.
"I didn't want photos to seem super posed. That is not, as a family, how we are. I was really happy to see some photos taken while we weren't trying to all look at the camera and smile. Even the ones where we were all trying to "pose" seemed really natural and captured us."
—Kelly H.
"My family had a wonderful experience with Mira. We weren’t sure where to go for pictures and she made a great recommendation. Picture day was lots of fun, not too short and not too long. We had so many fun poses and she snapped great impromptu shots, too! Pictures were all beautiful. Highly recommend!"
—Julie K.
"I was nervous that my kids wouldn't cooperate during the shoot. I have a lot of trouble photographing my 4-year-old because she never wants to look at the camera. But you were able to capture some great shots of her, even some with big smiles! It was very cold that day, but you were still able to keep their spirits up and made the most of the time we had."
—Shari B.
"We have worked with Mira on family shots as well as a Bar Mitzvah. Both times we got great picture and she was so easy to work with."
—Bronte A.
"Mira is FANTASTIC! My family had so much fun in our session with her and less than 24-hours later we have so many gems! I can't wait to hang these on the walls of our home. thank you, Mira!"
—Elizabeth C.
"Mira was professional, sophisticated, talented and fast! This was the first year that the non-profit I work with wanted to hire a professional photographer (usually we recruit a volunterer). I was so pleased we found Mira! I connected with her a week prior to the event and she was able to attend and capture amazing photos. She was also very quick with the turn around. I had the gallery within a week of the event. I was thrilled with her work and would definitely recommend her!"
—Emily W.
"Mira was especially great with our kids - she was very patient when they were not the most cooperative. I was pleasantly surprised how many lovely photos of the four of us she was able to get."
—Julia W.
"Mira is a pleasure to work with - personable and professional! She has creative pose/people combo suggestions and a relaxed approach that elicits great grins! We would definitely recommend her!"
—Karen K.
"We asked Mira to help us photograph an event for the annual Melrose Fire 5K race which takes place on Father's Day. Most photographers wouldn't help, as they didn't want to spend their Father's Day working. But Mira was awesome and agreed to do it right away! She was so pleasant to work with - right from the start. She listened to our list of photos that we wanted and then did what she does best. My experience with her far exceeded my expectations. And the photos came out amazing - so no matter what the occasion, I highly recommend her!!!!"
—Lisa S.
"Mira did a newborn session at our home with our two-week old baby and her big sister (age 3.5 years). I chose Mira because of her amazing portfolio, and I am SO happy with the results. There are so many shots that I love! I was really nervous about doing a session with such a new baby, but Mira knew just what to do, how to wrap and pose baby (and sleep deprived parents) so that everyone remained calm and happy. She was especially good with our older daughter, who was still very much adjusting to having a new baby at home. Mira is incredibly patient, calm, and competent. I will definitely schedule another session with her."
—Sara M.
"Mira is an excellent photographer with an amazing eye for capturing just the right shot. We’ve done 2 sessions with her. She’s great with kids - fun, funny - she knows how to bring out natural smiles."
—Lisa T.
"I worked with Mira a year ago at short notice when she was able to photograph an event we held at work. The photos she took were like poetry. Her ability to capture perfect moments in time because of the mastery she yields over her equipment is on par with some of the best fine art photographers I've had the pleasure of working with in my career. I wish we could have worked with her for both days of the 2-day event if her schedule had allowed, and I hope to work with her again!"
—Mara K.
"Mira did headshots for my daughter and I. We went for a lovely walk with her pausing us to take many different and beautiful shots. Each is unique and great! She even included a couple of us together when the idea struck her. She caught my daughter in some particularly “real” facial expressions. As for me, I’m not used to being able to chose between so many good pictures of me. She did a great job and it was fun."
—Diane R.
"Mira is the best! Professional, experienced, and unobtrusive, she captured our wedding perfectly! She is skilled at composing shots that capture the authenticity of the moment, and she is also simply a pleasure to be around. Highly recommend!"
—Kate P.
"I was hesitant to do a family shoot with my young boys...nervous that my 5 year old would not cooperate and end up wasting Mira's and our time. Mira was patient and made the boys comfortable and we ended up with great shots! The location was majestic...we met at Minute Man Park at the location and time Mira specified, and it was magical...the lighting, the colors of the leaves, the cool chill in the air all worked well together. Loved "discovering" different places for shots and Mira was open to my boys' wacky suggestions."
—Dora T.
"Mira helped us with a special occasion for our family. She captured it perfectly. Her images will make us smile for, hopefully, many decades to come. We were thrilled and could not provide a higher recommendation."
—Tomas N.
"Mira did an amazing job with my pregnancy and newborn photos of my twins. When she did my pregnancy shoot, she helped me pick out an outfit and did a super job getting my kids to pose with me. Her use of the natural light in my living room made the photos even more beautiful. She came back after my boys were born and was thoughtful about including special blankets in the photos. Mira was patient and helpful in helping both boys settle down for their photos. Her turnaround time with sending me the pictures was fast & she was very responsive to questions."
—Jessica W.
"Mira is SO patient- especially with kids- didn't give up until she got the shots she wanted. LOVE LOVE her work!!"
—Gayatri H.
"Our family had a lovely time working with Mira. She had lots of great ideas for different settings for our photos, and was very open to our thoughts as well. She did a wonderful job motivating our young children to participate, and we ended up with a variety of pictures of us all looking our best. Highly recommended!"
—Eric B.
"Mira was great to work with. My wife and I are new parents and really wanted the pictures to turn out great, and they did! She was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process."
—Starkie S.
"Mira did a beautiful job with our family photos. She's patient and kind, and responsive to our needs. The pictures turned out beautifully, and all of my family hates taking pictures, so we were a bit of a mess. Mira was calm and collected, got her shots, and made it feel painless. And, as I mentioned, the pictures are wonderful--in fact far better than the much more expensive photographer I worked with last year for a family event. I wholeheartedly recommend Mira Whiting Photography."
—Stephanie W.
"I had the pleasure of doing a set of early morning headshots with Mira. She really knows what she's doing! She picked a location that allowed for a mix of urban versus natural backdrops. We walked around grabbing various photos and I felt comfortable and at ease the whole time - unlike some photographers, where you can feel stilted, posed, and asked to take on a host of unnatural positions. I received my sneak peak within a couple days and my whole gallery in less than a week, and I'm completely delighted with the results. My family will treasure this! My only regret is not living closer to Boston - I would love to get portraits for the whole family sometime."
—Lusann Y.
"Mira is an amazing photographer! She is very knowledgeable and professional, but at the same time makes you feel totally at ease. My husband and I recently had a maternity photo session with Mira, and he actually enjoyed the experience! (He doesn’t like to be in photos). I would definitely recommend her to anyone who asks!"
—Ruslana G-F
"Mira did family photos for us - my wife and I and 2 semi-crazy kids. It was quick and actually fun, and she somehow got a ton of amazing pictures of all of us, which i would not have thought possible. She has a knack for getting the kids to focus on the camera - she had little games, and worked with their ideas, to keep them engaged - it was like magic. We got the pictures back super quickly, too. Strongly recommend!"
—Andrew S.
"Mira took wonderful photos and made it a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Mira found us a beautiful outdoor location surrounded by cherry blossoms. She was so unobtrusive that we felt as if we were just relaxing in a garden. And the photos look candid, natural, and beautiful!"
—Linda G.
"Mira is spectacular! She photographed my video production company, Media Electric Inc, behind the scenes and on location in Providence, RI. She found her way in and around the confusion to capture the moments. She's got that sense of where to be and when. I also had the pleasure of video recording one of her newborn sessions. She connects with people and knows where the story and the magic are to be found."
—Jonathan G.
"Mira was great at picking the perfect setting and taking photos that really spoke to who we are as a family. we were worried our kids wouldn’t cooperate and they had so much fun. The final product was absolutely beautiful and the best measure was an enthusiastic Grandparent response!"
—Gabby G.
"Mira did such a beautiful job with our family photos! She came to our house and was professional and excellent with our 3 kids. She got smiles out of all of them, which is not always easy. Secession was quick and efficient, which I loved. Best family photos we have ever had!"
—Samantha K.
"Mira is a lovely, relaxed person. She was so calm in the storm of my family’s lost shirts, doing hair, grumpy toddler, napping baby, late from work chaos that ensued right before our session. While I was running around trying to find everything, she just gravitated to where my kids were playing, and started capturing beautiful, natural moments of them. It calmed me down, and allowed me to be more present for the family pictures that she took later on. I love these photos!"
—Marie M.
"Mira was so gentle and thoughtful with our newborn. We really appreciated her prompt to include special gifts from family in the photos, as have the family members who made us those special things. And, the best part, the photos are just beautiful. Thanks, Mira!"
—Sonja B-W
"Mira took a set of professional headshots for me earlier this summer. I am a total awkward panda, and she was super reassuring and gave lots of direction and lots of positive feedback. I'm ridiculously happy with the photos."
—Abby N.
"Mira just photographed my niece's wedding. Awesome results; the entire family is delighted. A huge number of "with the family and close friends" individual shots were required, and they are all terrific (i.e. she worked it until she got everyone not looking stupid). During the wedding and reception, she was almost invisible, but clearly from the results she was everywhere! Very professional and very nice. And fast. Everything was posted within a week. Highly recommended."
—David A.
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