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I'm Mira Whiting, award-winning portrait photographer, and I want to make your next album for you.

It's SO annoying to pass around a cell phone to show off your favorite photos. And let's face it, you know you should print, but who has the time to slog through the zillions of photos, deciding what to include. Then there's logging into a random website and designing the album yourself for printing. Hours pass. You sometimes lose your design... and your mind.

Life's most important and precious moments often happen without me being right there to take a photo for you. You end up with hundreds or thousands of photos per year that never see the light of day. They go unprinted and ultimately end up lost and forgotten, or — nightmare scenario — your phone goes for a swim or your hard drive crashes and they're just all gone in the blink of an eye.  Let's create something together that you can hand down to your grandchildren, and they can hand down to theirs — unlike your photo roll on your phone.

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What You Get

Professional Quality Album

After careful selection of the best images you send, you receive a digital proof. Once approved, your high-quality album is on its way!


Photos that go unprinted ultimately end up lost and forgotten.  Create an heirloom your children and grandchildren will treasure.

The 3 Step Process

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Photo Selection

No matter how many photos you have, I'm here to help. Albums start at $325 and you may add-on an optional digital gallery of the final selected images.

My job is to review and cull your photos to select the best images that will tell your story.

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Digital Proof & Approval

Once photo selection is complete, I organize them into an album for you! You receive this first *digitally* as a proof emailed to you for approval.

Please note that images may be cropped for best effect, but are otherwise not edited.

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Album Delivery

After you give the thumbs up, the album is ordered, printed, and on its way to you!

Add a digital gallery of the images included in your album for easiest sharing with far-flung friends and family.

Let's Get Started!

Fill out this form as completely as you possibly can!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me by emailing mira@mirawhiting.com.

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