Top 8 Places to Use Your Branding Images Online

Ok, you’ve decided on a branding session to really put your brand on top. You’ve been through the whole process, and now you need to know — where should I use these?  There are SO many options for where to use them and this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Email Signature.  When your potential clients email you, they’ll see how friendly and approachable you are.  Or maybe they’ll see how incredibly competent and proficient you are at what you do.  First impressions matter and controlling the narrative your potential customers see is a key part of marketing.  
  2. Social Media.  No matter what social media you use (and different businesses have different needs in that department) showing your branding photos is an awesome way to connect with your audience.  It makes you seem like a real person rather than just a nameless, faceless robot typing into the computer.  Use them all over on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn just to get started.  
  3. Presentations and Conferences.  Use your photos in your presentations to help illustrate what you do! Whether you’re presenting to titans of industry or your local networking group, images really help people connect with the material they’re learning, and branding images can help personalize the information and help it sink in better.
  4. In your marketing materials.  Say, for instance, you have a podcast — your branding images can be used in each episode’s marketing materials to show who people are listening to — having a face to go with a voice helps your audience connect more than just being a sound coming out of their speaker.  
  5. Zoom etc.  Ok, it’s been more than a year now since we all suddenly pivoted to Zoom and similar online video meeting tools.  
  6. Website.  Use your branding images all over your website to both put that personal touch on your site (your clients will know it’s YOU rather than a generic stock photo, which helps build trust).  Your about page, your contact page, demonstrating your services or showing off your products — your branding images will give that sense of authenticity customers look for.  
  7. Email Marketing.  When you send out your newsletter, it’s like you’re having a conversation with your audience — giving them information and inviting a response.  Branding images can be a great way to personalize that conversation so your audience knows you’re a real person sending these out. 
  8. Business Cards. I know, I know, in person networking where you actually hand someone your physical business card is SO 2019.  But when networking events return (with or without a handshake now that we’re all a little extra germaphobic) you’ll be wanting to pass out business cards.  If your cards have your gorgeous face on them, it will be that much easier for the people you meet to remember you and match that face with what you do!
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