What do you get for your money? What’s included

Each photographer structures their package offerings differently.  I talked a little bit in How to to Choose a Professional Photographer about the costs of running a tax-paying, insured, and well-equipped photography business, and I’d like to show you a little more about what goes into my pricing and how it benefits you.  

For my sessions, you always get all your final, edited digital files in an online gallery (new this year is a gallery host that allows for even easier downloads with one easy button click).  I want to keep things simple for you, and allow you to share your images as you deem best (via social media as well as by printing).  As I mentioned in my How Does It Work post, you don’t HAVE to print through me, but you do have the option if you’d like the benefits of professional quality and archival materials, and some hand-holding as you figure out what you need.  But if you’d prefer to print on your own, that is totally fine too — aside from the general convenience, as a mom, I know sometimes you just get a day or two to send in a family photo to school and someplace like CVS is the easiest and quickest way to do that kind of assignment.  

Before you even get those images though, you get my years of experience in knowing the best places to go and times to schedule for, and the best ways to run a session so you get the most amazing shots possible.  I’ve done countless trainings and workshops over the years, and continue to hone my craft through continuing education every year.  

Beyond that personal touch, you get the benefits of my professional-grade gear which is built for reliability and consistency as well as my back-up equipment in case the worst should happen and something malfunctions — I come very well-prepared so you won’t even notice if there’s a glitch :) The last thing you need is to do all of YOUR prep work and have an ill-prepared photographer flake on you.  

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