How to choose heirlooms for your newborn photos

One of the things I love about lifestyle portraits , rather than very formal posed shots is that I get to really individualize each session to tell YOUR story.  For newborn sessions, one of the ways I like to do that is to incorporate some special items into the session that represent the loved ones this baby has waiting to meet them.  I recommend narrowing it down to just a few special items so we can include them all.  Here are some categories of things to get your mental juices flowing as you think about what you might want to have at your baby’s session:

  1. Something special from your or your partner’s childhood. Maybe it’s a baby quilt someone made for you and you loved (it’s totally ok if these items show… ahem… evidence… of that love– they don’t need to be pristine!).  Or your childhood teddy bear.  Or a baby hat or sweater that’s been worn through generations.  
  2. An item made with love.  Do you have a knitter, quilter, or other crafter in your life who is super special to you and made something equally special for your baby?  These are fantastic items to include. I am a knitter myself, and I absolutely love including handknit items in ANY session, newborn, family, or branding!  But I’ve also seen stunning quilts, and even a hand-carved wooden rattle this little guy’s grandfather made for him — any item made with love is truly welcome.
  3. Something that represents a far-flung loved one who can’t be with you at this special and important time in your life.  Especially with Covid, it’s been difficult to have those closest to you (emotionally) with you physically, but even without Covid, sometimes grandparents or other loved ones can’t travel to be there in person.  We can include a special gift they’ve sent or even just a photo of the person you want to include.  
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