Why you should do in-home family portraits

A lot of people feel that they can’t have family portraits in their home — that it’s too dark, too messy, too whatever.  I’m here to tell you we can ALWAYS find a spot.   As a mom of three myself, I promise I am NEVER EVER judging.  I know there’s no such thing as “totally tidy” with kids around.  But you know what, I also kind of love photographing a home in its semi-natural state.  This is how your children will remember their childhood home, and all the memories that go along with that.  Sure, we make beds and clear distractions as we move around the house for portraits, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be perfect.  

Light is one of the other things I hear concerns about a lot when it comes to in-home portrait sessions.  We will find the light — even on a dark, gloomy day.  There is light.  And you don’t need an entire wall of windows, either (ha, though I wouldn’t say no to photographing in a room like that, around here so many of us, myself included, live in older homes with smaller windows).  In fact, really focused window light can be a major benefit in creating light fall-off that can hide a multitude of clutter in the background 😉  Full disclosure — I use this trick in my own house when photographing my own children ALL the time.  Best of all, kids who might be reluctant in front of the camera are on their own turf when you choose to have your portraits done in your home.  It’s a more natural environment for them — they have access to all their favorite toys and games, and for older kids can really showcase something that really makes them tick — a teen who was very camera shy who I worked with really came out of his shell when I suggested he just sit in his bedroom and play guitar for a few minutes.  Another benefit to in-home sessions is that we can do a fun family activity — bake some cookies or play a board game, the sky is the limit to get everyone together and having fun.

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