How to choose your branding & headshot location

There are (almost!) no wrong answers for the question “where can we go for family portraits?”  I shoot branding portraits and headshots in homes and offices, meadows, and in the middle of the city. But the real question is what is the best fit for your brand?  What do you want to capture and what do you want to express about your brand and brand values with the imagery you share?

Is your brand edgy and cool?  An urban vibe for your session may be the best fit! Is your brand all about being natural?  An urban setting might jarring for your audience while a meadow might be just the right fit — there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.  Your branding shoot location (even if it’s “Just a Headshot”) can speak really loudly, so matching it to your other branding materials and what your general brand vibe is can make a big difference in how effective your branding imagery is for your company.  

The more you can mesh your general brand messaging with our plan for your branding portrait or headshot session, the more you’ll be building the consistency of your brand and building trust with your potential clients or customers who want to know what to expect when they interact with you and purchase your product or services.  Consider a session at your office or home so you can show off where you make the magic happen — as your clients are waiting for their product or envisioning you on the other end of the phone, it can help them form a visual image of where and how you do your work.

What time of day do you want to have your session?  That may seem more like a scheduling question than a “where” question, but it really makes a difference in what our options are — for an at-home or in-office session, we can schedule for anytime between 10am-2pm because we want the brighter, mid-day light to be filtering into the house. If we’re outdoors, we want to schedule your session within an hour or so of sunrise or sunset for that gorgeous “golden hour” light — when we’re too far away from those times, the light is harsh and unflattering. If you want to go to a super popular urban or beach spot, sunrise sessions are your best bet for backgrounds clear of clutter and other people wandering in and out of our shots. 

Not quite sure what is the best fit for you, or don’t have any ideas for where to go?  That’s why I’m here. With my experience, I can help you find the perfect spot for your family.

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