Getting Ready for your Newborn Portrait Session


First of all, I am so glad you have booked a photo shoot with me, and I’m looking forward to capturing you & your loved ones in a way that feels authentic and genuine to you. 

The process of creating those images starts now, before we ever even get in front of the camera. The prep & info beforehand will set you up to have a successful, enjoyable photo shoot experience.

Alongside this guide, your email included a link to advice on What to Wear. I also offer a complimentary styling consultation with every shoot, but the guide will teach you how to think about dressing for photos as well. 

You can also expect a questionnaire in the following couple weeks, which not only helps me get to know you better (and thus capture you more accurately) - it’s also a space where you can share your feelings, hopes & expectations for the shoot so we are on the same page before our session rolls around. 

Please read through this page to the bottom, I promise it’s not lengthy, but all of this information will prepare you to have a wonderful photo session! 

Top 4 Newborn Photo Session Tips & Tricks: 

  1. Wear what makes you feel good! This isn’t the time to run to Target and buy all new, in-style clothes. Your family just welcomed a new member! Find clothes that are flowy, have texture, and make you feel amazing. Remember, you can always schedule a consult with our in-house stylist if you are unsure (or just sleep deprived!) It’s included in your session fee. 
  2. Do you have older children who will be at the newborn session? If so, there are two easy ways to set them up for success. First: tell me some of their interests so I can easily engage with them & help direct them. Second (and most importantly!): prep them! All the prep you can give them! Talk about what a photographer does, show them videos, and if you’re anything like me: offer an incentive for cooperating at the end! (A trip to get ice cream with one parent, while the birthing parent takes a nap is always a good idea!!) 
  3. Leave the Electronics. As tempting as it is to use the tablet to subdue older children during the parts of the session where they aren’t in the shot, I have found this actually makes it harder for them to engage back into the shoot afterwards. Take this time to really be present and intentional as a family. 
  4. Think about the temp! Turn the thermostat up to 80º, so the newborn is nice and warm when being dressed/undressed. It might sound extreme but this one hack can save you so many baby tears from that cold air! 

That’s it! As always, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to email me. I also have a lot more info on my Newborn Page on my website HERE.

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