Getting Ready for your Branding, Headshot, or Senior Session


First of all, I am so glad you have booked a photo shoot with me, and I’m looking forward to capturing you & your loved ones in a way that feels authentic and genuine to you. 

The process of creating those images starts now, before we ever even get in front of the camera. The prep & info beforehand will set you up to have a successful, enjoyable photo shoot experience.

Alongside this guide, your email included a link to advice on What to Wear. I also offer a complimentary styling consultation with every shoot, but the guide will teach you how to think about dressing for photos as well. 

Branding clients can also expect a questionnaire in the following couple weeks, which not only helps me get to know you better (and thus capture you more accurately) - it’s also a space where you can share your feelings, hopes & expectations for the shoot so we are on the same page before our session rolls around. 

Please read through this page to the bottom, I promise it’s not lengthy, but all of this information will prepare you to have a wonderful photo session! 

My Favorite Individual Portrait Session Tips & Tricks: 

Wear what makes you feel good. Don’t feel the need to buy all new clothes or look “trendy”. Good branding -- whether this shoot is for your business or your senior portraits --  is all about authenticity, and that applies to your clothes.

Think through different accessories you can bring that represent you well. Bring things that represent your brand, or that are an important part of who you are for a senior session (bring your product if this is a business shoot, or your favorite tool.  For seniors, bring an instrument or favorite sport accessory, for instance!)

Let me know if you’re going to have multiple outfits because I have a changing tent I can bring!! Remember, you get a complimentary styling session with your shoot, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you wanna work with our in-house stylist. 

Plan ahead. I know it’s easy to show up and shoot, but planning ahead about what images you need & what you’ll be using them for will help you get the most out of your branding session.

We will still have all the room for creativity, but knowing if you’re mostly going to be posting on social media versus website headshots, or email marketing - that can help us make sure we get certain orientations or backgrounds. We can be strategic AND creative 😉 I am available for a planning consultation if you’d like too!

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