Testimonials / Kind Words:  Love from clients about their experiences with Mira Whiting Photography.

Read testimonials about why these clients chose Mira Whiting Photography for their portrait needs.




"We put off having photos taken for a long time because it felt overwhelming to get everything organized and figure out what we wanted. Mira made the process simple and easy by providing lots of suggestions about clothing, location and poses but still letting us relax and be ourselves.  Mira got our oldest child (age 4) engaged in the process by talking to her and encouraging her to volunteer ideas and help get her younger brothers to look at the camera.  We had lots of fun taking pictures with Mira and we're really happy with the photos we chose. She did a great job capturing my kids the way I'll want to remember them at this time in our lives." -- Beth


"We are new parents and didn't know what to expect in a newborn shoot. We were afraid it might entail our baby fussing the entire time, making things stressful for everyone. However, Mira was great in coming up with positions in which our daughter was comfortable and was happy to take a break when our daughter needed to eat. In the end it was a very pleasant experience!" -- Emma

Shari B.

"I was nervous that my kids wouldn't cooperate during the shoot. I have a lot of trouble photographing my 4-year-old because she never wants to look at the camera. But Mira was able to capture some great shots of her, even some with big smiles! It was very cold that day, but Mira was still able to keep their spirits up and made the most of the time we had." -- Shari B.

Kelly H.

"I didn't want photos to seem super posed. That is not, as a family, how we are. I was really happy to see some photos taken while we weren't trying to all look at the camera and smile. Even the ones where we were all trying to "pose" seemed really natural and captured us.  My favorite part of the session was watching my wife and kids pose together. They seemed to have such a great time and it showed in the end result.  Mira guided us from the beginning to end of this process while taking all of our quirks as a family into consideration. We did not want a set of photos that seemed very formal and posed. Mira helped us find a location and poses that were perfect to capture who we are as a family." -- Kelly H. 

Kate G.

"My biggest worry was that I wouldn't like the way I look in photos, which is a common feeling for me, and that I'd wind up feeling like I wasted money on the session. I really feel like the photos Mira took made me look my absolute best, and I'm proud to use them to promote my business services. The magic of Mira behind the camera produced some of my favorite pictures of myself in a long time. Mira made the session very stress-free and fun. I liked that she helped me feel relaxed and comfortable, which produced great images. " -- Kate G.

Dora T.

"I was hesitant to do a family shoot with my young boys...nervous that my 5 year old would not cooperate and end up wasting Mira's and our time. Mira was patient and made the boys comfortable and we ended up with great shots!  The location was majestic...we met at Minute Man Park at the location and time Mira specified, and it was magical...the lighting, the colors of the leaves, the cool chill in the air all worked well together. Loved "discovering" different places for shots and Mira was open to my boys' wacky suggestions." -- Dora T.

Gayatri H.

"Mira is SO patient- especially with kids- didn't give up until she got the shots she wanted. LOVE LOVE her work!!" -- Gayatri H.

Morgan K.

"I was worried that photos would be too posed - not based on what I've seen of your work, but based on previous experience with a professional shoot. The photos/poses were very comfortable. Interaction with as many folks as we had could have been like herding cats, and it wasn't." -- Morgan K.

Alison S.

"I usually worry that I won't look good in the photos. That definitely did not come true!! Everyone looked great!  The session was easy and fun and playful!" -- Alison S. 

Karen K.

"Mira is a pleasure to work with - personable and professional! She has creative pose/people combo suggestions and a relaxed approach that elicits great grins! We would definitely recommend her!" -- Karen K.