Small Wedding | Arlington, MA

Small Wedding | Arlington, MA

Oh my goodness.  Could we have asked for a more beautiful day to celebrate Paul and Renee in a lovely backyard ceremony?  This small wedding in Arlington was full of love and thoughtful details, with their immediate families joining them in person (masked, of course!), and many, many more joining over zoom.

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was how Renee and Paul worked hard to include the important people in their lives.  Renee literally carried her late mother with her on a pendant in her bouquet and it was incredibly clear throughout the day just how much her late mother’s presence was felt — from the favors, which were beautiful apple jelly jars sourced from an orchard Renee’s mother took her to as a child, to a champagne bottle that popped enthusiastically at a particularly salient moment in the toasts.

Renee and Paul’s toddler son was also an integral part of the ceremony, participating in a sand ritual representing the official joining of their family.  He was totally adorable throughout the ceremony, and then one major benefit of a small wedding at home with a young child is that he was able to just head upstairs for a nap when he got tired.

That thoughtfulness about others extended even to the dress Renee was wearing — she purchased her dress through Brides Across America, an organization that donates wedding dresses to brides in the military and first responders — especially during a pandemic, I thought that was a lovely way to give back to people who are putting their lives on the line to protect the health of all of us right now.

Dress:  Brides Across America

Cake: Cake, Inc.

Favors: Applecrest Farm Orchards

Small Wedding | Arlington, MA

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