{Project 52: Week 44} Grandpa to the rescue | Franklin Park Zoo | Mira Whiting Photography

My dad retired this past April, and since then, he’s made it a tradition to hang out with me and the boys on Thursday mornings.  We go on all sorts of adventures, from Drumlin Farm to the playground down the street, but Jesse’s favorite (and one of my dad’s favorites, too) is the Franklin Park Zoo.  This past Thursday was the perfect day to go — the rain had stopped, the sun was shining, and it was over 70 degrees, which felt like a particular treat in late October!  The boys were both having a bit of an off morning, but rallied to watch the animals.  As we were leaving, though, it became clear that we had perhaps stayed just a little too long (other parents will know just what I’m talking about!).  The whining had come back, and both boys were insisting that my father carry them (note: we had a stroller that would have accommodated both of them, but that wasn’t what they wanted!).  Jesse is really too big for my dad to carry these days, and he was getting VERY upset that Jacob got to be carried and he didn’t.  So what did my dad do?  He worked his Grandpa magic, and I’m just so glad I got to capture it!



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