Newborn Portraits in Arlington, MA

It was such a pleasure to meet baby Clara for her newborn portraits in Arlington, MA this week.  She’s a sweet little one, who made a little bit of an early debut.  Her newborn portraits were taken on her two week birthday, and this little girl was bright eyed and curious about the world around her.

I loved that we got to incorporate some special items into Clara’s newborn portrait session.  When Clara’s mom was pregnant, they found out they were expecting a girl, but didn’t tell anyone — “the only person who knew aside from Mommy, Daddy, and the doctors was the sales person at the store in Canada” — Laura bought a very special outfit for Clara, a sweet pastel pink dress with butterflies.  She’d been hoping to bring her home from the hospital in it, but Clara was a little smaller than expected.  We still brought it out and put her in it for some photos with her mom (and at two weeks old, it was big but she wasn’t totally swimming in it — grow, Clara, grow!).

We also got to use two amazing blankets made by Laura’s friends for baby Clara — a lovely crocheted lace blanket and a stunningly gorgeous quilt.

For many newborn sessions, the goal is to have baby nice and sleepy.  Clara did eventually take a little snooze, but I actually love that we get to see her lovely bright eyes so much too!  I can’t wait to see how those eyes take in the world as she grows.

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