Newborn Baby Portraits | Boston, MA

Newborn baby portraits generally take place in the first two weeks of life, when babies are still a little sleepy and curly from being all tucked up in the womb.  It’s absolutely possible to do newborn baby portraits past that point, but they end up often being a bit different than more traditional setups.  When Alexa got in touch with me, her little boy was already 21 days old, but he arrived a little early, so in terms of his due date, he wasn’t past those first two weeks when it’s best to do newborn baby portraits.  And sure enough, little Sebastian was a DREAM to work with — he slept like a champ (though I always worry a little when babies sleep super well for me that I’ve used up some of mom’s nap time for that day!) and was a serious trouper in terms of outfit and wrap and setup changes — we seriously could not have asked for a more cooperative baby!!

Sebastian was clearly enjoying his 1:1 time with his mom at home in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston while his big sisters are in camp — they haven’t seen him since he got to come home from the NICU, and are so excited to get to spoil him, as big siblings love to do with their baby siblings 🙂

Alexa had picked out several outfits that were meaningful to her, and I was happy to incorporate them into Sebastian’s portraits.  It’s a little different than my usual style, but how could we go wrong with Sebastian’s amazing hair and cheeks!!  And I love that it meant something to his mom, which is the most important part of all.

When I got back to the office, I got the most amazing email from Alexa that made me smile from ear to ear — I love hearing that clients are happy like this, and that they’ve had a good experience:

“This was the first time I have done a newborn session and let me explain how happy I am with the whole process.

You are a truly professional when it comes to photography.  Also your quickness to come out the next day – really shows your passion for your business.  I love the way you run your business.  Thank you for everything! We look forward to the pictures and to more sessions to come.  “
Here are some of my favorites from our time together:


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