Newborn Baby Boy Portraits | Medford, MA

It was a wonderful treat to get to meet Nolan, his mom, dad, and grandmother the other day for his newborn portrait session.  Oh, and his pup Nash, who was a VERY enthusiastic participant (and was definitely checking me out to make sure I was an ok person to allow around his baby 😉 ).  At just 8 days old, little Nolan was bright eyed and curious about the world.  He was also in the middle of a growth spurt — in that adorable “can’t quite decide if I’m hungry or sleepy” stage, so we got several adorable yawns and took several feeding breaks!

Nolan’s grandmother was visiting all the way from Arizona — while we think it’s been hot here in the Boston area, she was so glad to be in cooler weather for a little bit!  I often get asked about incorporating visiting grandparents into a newborn session, and I’m always glad to do a couple of shots with them.  I was recently reading a story on NPR about how important anthropologists are realizing grandmothers were to our early human ancestors’ survival.  While in 2018 grandparents and other supportive family and friends are less critical in some ways than they were back then, in other ways, they are just as vital.  Especially when they live so far away, I always believe in striking while the iron is hot and grabbing a couple of shots in between all the other parts of a newborn portrait session.

Here are a few of my favorites of this sweet little guy:


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