Networking Event Photography | Acton, MA | Pepperlane

It’s not often I get asked to do networking event photography, but I always enjoy getting to meet new people and see all the fantastic things others are doing with their entrepreneurial drive.  I have been involved in Pepperlane, a local company that is building a platform for mothers who also have their own businesses, since it was brand new.  I was thrilled to be asked to photograph one of their Boost networking events this week in Acton, MA.

The meeting took place in the gorgeously designed Orange Door Kitchen — a shared commercial kitchen and event space right in the middle of Acton.  They also host a Supper Club that sounds AMAZING if any of you readers are interested in finding out more.

The meeting included a bookkeeper, a financial planner, a life coach who works with teens (wow — couldn’t we all have used that as teens ourselves?  I’m sure I could’ve!), a shortbread cookie maker, and more.

Pepperlane describes themselves as a company that “empowers mothers to transform personal passions into breakthrough businesses.” and I sure did see a lot of empowering at this boost!  From one member who needed help figuring out how to explain what she does to others, to helping another brainstorm organizations to partner with, this was not just any old networking meeting, and was incredibly productive.  I also loved getting to hear about all the things that Orange Door Kitchen does and is hoping to do in the future — I am so impressed with all they’ve accomplished, especially having just opened a few months ago!

Here are some of my favorites from my time with these amazing women of Pepperlane — it’s a fantastic organization, and I am so grateful to be involved with them in the work they do to empower mothers.  And please do get in touch if you’d like networking event photography for your event in the Greater Boston area.

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