First Year Package

The first year of a baby’s life is full of so many amazing changes. It’s the highest period of growth a person will ever experience, and it all goes by so quickly.  My First Year Package is designed to help capture those fleeting moments and milestones. Look back and remember this special time.  I don’t know about you, but I know I am particularly grateful for the photographs I have of my own children’s first year. I wasn’t really getting enough sleep to properly form long-term memories of that period. Their portraits let me remember that time, and all the sweetness, that much better.   You can read about one family’s experience with the package on this blog post.

Why commit to a First Year package?

  • If you book the First Year Package, you know your family’s portrait needs are taken care of for that year. You will get priority space on my calendar when I open up new dates, even in peak portrait season.  All three portrait sessions are standard portrait sessions, lasting around an hour and can include parents, siblings, or even grandparents or other relatives if you choose.
  • Savings — booking the package saves $200+ over booking the sessions separately.
  • Flexibility — typically families schedule sessions during the newborn period (4-14 days old), 6 months/sitting, and around the first birthday, but if your family has a milestone that happens at a different time that’s significant for you, we can work with that and switch the schedule around to accommodate you and your traditions (for example, some cultures celebrate the end of the first one hundred days of a baby’s life; or one family really wanted to mark the introduction of solid food at six months as a major transition).

The First Year Package includes three full sessions and costs $1,800 and that includes (for each session separately) a gallery you can download all the final full-resolution images from.  If you would like to purchase professional, heirloom-quality prints, canvas, metals, or albums, those are also available separately.