In-Home Newborn Portraits | Arlington, MA

In-Home Newborn Portraits | Arlington, MA

There’s no place like home, right?  Especially for a brand new human who has just entered the world.  I love doing in-home newborn portraits.  Whether you bring your baby home to a place you’ll only be living for a few more weeks, or you’ll be there as a family for decades to come, there is something so special about that FIRST home.

These folks just had their second little boy, and I went to their home for their session on a chilly January morning.  Their older child was at preschool, so we had some time to really focus on mom, dad, and baby, so we were ready for sibling and family shots as soon as big brother arrived and was ready to go (and oh my goodness, this big brother was SO sweet and SO excited to see HIS baby — it was truly a delight to see).   And it was wonderful to see just how comfortable little brother was in big brother’s arms, and all snuggled up together.  Grandma was visiting to help out with the transition from a family of three to a family of four, so she was able to jump in for a few portraits with the kids as well.

I can see these brothers being a fantastic team as they grow up, and I so hope they stay as close as they are now.  Here are a few (so hard to narrow it down!) of my favorites from my time with this family:



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