Hospital Newborn Session | Boston, MA

Hospital Newborn Session | Boston, MA

It was a true honor to be invited in by this family to capture their baby son.  He was born with a heart condition, and was between surgeries when I met him.  With all the tubes and beeps and incredible stress inherent in having a very sick baby in the hospital, I did my best to make this experience one that could be positive for them all — giving the new parents the care and attention I always do with my clients, and making sure baby A was comfortable with how he was positioned.  As with all my newborn sessions, I also endeavored to capture a little bit of what babyhood looks like for this family right now — in an at-home session, that could be a quiet moment hanging out on a couch or in a rocking chair in a nursery, and for this family, it meant learning about using A’s new feeding tube.  It’s a different experience, but it’s their reality as they live life with their new little one.  Someday he may ask about his earliest days, just as many children do, and I hope these images help convey the love he was surrounded by, both from his own parents as well as from the amazing nursing staff helping to care for him.  And while his medical needs are in the forefront right now, he is also in many ways just a baby, who does normal baby things — cooing and smiling, wanting to snuggle in, and I tried to capture that too.  Mom and Dad were a little reluctant to get in front of the camera, but A was happiest in their arms, so we worked with it!

I often get asked if I bring additional light to newborn sessions — many people are self-conscious about the light in their homes and the truth is, one window is really all I need.  Hospitals are notorious for poor lighting conditions, but with the right positioning, we can create magic together.


Hospital Newborn Session

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