Family Portraits in Belmont, MA

We had a GORGEOUS evening for family portraits in Belmont, MA.  It was a busy spot, with cyclists, families out for a stroll, people walking their dogs, and others working in their garden plots.  We found a quiet corner with nice light and got to work 🙂  When I’m photographing kids, I’m always trying to read the room — some kids take a while to warm up, while others are ready to go from the start, but may have a shorter timeline for how long they’ll play along.  When kids start to get antsy, it’s time to break out the games — we surprised mom and dad with hug attacks, played tag, and played Simon Says a lot with Eric, who was a great sport about playing along (his little brother Julian was a little too small for games, but seemed to have fun nonetheless, especially given how close to his bedtime it was!).

Eric is looking forward to kindergarten this Fall, and was very excited to talk about his preschool adventures this summer — he loves taking the bus and going on field trips most of all, and I could see his adventurous spirit throughout our session together.  With kids this age, jokes are a huge hit, and we really got on a roll with the jokes — I told some, Eric told some, and Eric’s mom Cat told him his very first “Why did the chicken cross the road” joke — a very important milestone for sure!!

We took some time, also, to make sure there were a few shots of just mom and dad — most parents don’t get a chance to both be in the frame at the same time a whole lot, so it’s important to make sure that happens, too!

Here are some of my favorites from our time together — it was such a joy to photograph these family portraits in Belmont, MA!

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