Fall Family Photos | Lexington, MA

Fall Family Photos | Lexington, MA

We normally take family photos during our annual fall trip when we visit relatives, but with how this year is turning out our plans have changed and we are staying close to home . . . and we have a six year old who just lost both front teeth (and it’s absolutely adorable).

So many plans have been upended because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  From major life events like weddings, to the smallest things, like having the photographer who photographed your wedding and has been photographing your growing family ever since take photos of your six year old with his gap-toothed smile.  I was so touched when this family reached out to me about family portraits.  That gap-toothed smile is still so important to document, even in the midst of world chaos.  We have in front of us a little boy who is growing up and won’t be so little forever.

This year, traditions are changing for so many people.  For these folks, they always include a framed image from last year’s portraits in this year’s session — a way to mark the passage of time and connect the present to the past.  We got that image for them right off the bat — with so much upheaval this year, I wanted to make sure they were able to continue that tradition that is so important to them before we moved on to other shots.  We had a fantastic time exploring our surroundings, playing games, and enjoying a beautiful early Fall evening.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:


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