Belmont Elopement | Coronavirus Wedding

Belmont Elopement | Coronavirus Wedding

These are incredibly difficult times to be living through — for many of us, life has been turned upside down in the last week.  Personally, I have had quite a few events I was scheduled to photograph cancel (totally understandably!) and I am now suddenly homeschooling my three children, who at nine, six, and three years old, require quite a bit of supervision/assistance.

In the midst of all of this, I got a text.  Two of my friends, for their own reasons, needed to get married and it couldn’t wait.  Would I please come photograph their wedding?  Since I have no symptoms, and have no known contact with anyone with the covid-19 virus, I agreed (and my husband, who is working from home these days as well, agreed to supervise Day 1 of the kids’ remote learning).

Massachusetts, as those of you who have gotten married here know, have a three day waiting period for marriage licenses.  While at the end of last week that was seeming ok, on Sunday night, the town these folks live in (as well as Belmont, where they planned to marry), entirely shut down their town offices.  Luckily, this groom got on the phone first thing Monday morning, and the town clerk was willing to sneak him his marriage license through the back door of town hall 🙂

License obtained, we met up with the Belmont town clerk and she brought us to a favorite spot of hers in Belmont Center for the ceremony.  For portraits, we wandered Belmont Center, finding some lovely out-of-the-way spots (including a really cool tunnel we all agreed was pretty awesome!).

Here are some of my favorites — a bright spot in a very dark time — I hope this cheers you up as much as it did me!


Belmont Elopement | Coronavirus Wedding

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